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Our practice is designed to serve the specific and individual needs of each of our patients from infants to super seniors. Our goal is to enable each patient to embrace healthy lifestyles and to be physically able to live in comfort, fitness, and emotional and mental wellbeing. We accomplish this goal by:

· Pain relief. Most patients come to us for pain relief and we achieve this for them quickly and efficiently.

· Education. We believe that the better we educate each patient into daily habits that include safe activity patterns, proper rest and nutrition, effective and safe fitness and exercise regimens, and emotional stress and postural management, the more effective our hands on treatments will be – both in the short and long terms.

· Modelling and living the life. All of our Drs., therapists, and staff are active and healthy individuals. We embrace and “walk the walk” of positive and healthy lifestyle habits. We strive to model healthy attitudes and behaviors for everyone whose lives we touch.




Our treatment is evidence supported and embodies best current practice protocols with the patient’s specific and various needs always at the center of treatment plans. This ensures that patient safety and treatment effectiveness are always the main focus of our clinic. This focus requires:

  • Expert diagnosis. This will include a thorough patient history and physical examination, and may require specific imaging tests (eg. X-rays, CT scans, or MRI) and lab tests.
  • Recognition of our specific scope of practice (ie. which patients are eligible for chiropractic care and who needs referral to other care givers, either within our clinic or external specialists).
  • Ongoing monitoring of treatment induced changes to determine the correctness of the working diagnosis and to stay alert to factors that may require a re-evaluation of the treatment plan.

In concept chiropractic is very simple. Chiropractic “adjustments” rely on the body’s natural and innate mechanisms we are all born with (ie. the body’s natural ability to self-heal, self-regulate and preserve a status quo). The adjustments reintroduce and/or reinforce a healthy and efficient neuromusculoskeletal status quo. Its effect on the nervous system (re)create better and more efficient movement patterns, reduces the painful protective measures and reinforces the body’s ability to sustain these changes over the long term.

Your Dr. of Chiropractic will determine through history taking, physical examination, and perhaps imaging (X-ray, diagnostic ultrasound, CT or MRI scans) if you’re a suitable candidate for chiropractic intervention. If so, a treatment plan is based on a working diagnosis and ongoing physical changes are monitored to ensure that positive progress is occurring with treatment. 

If appropriate physical and symptom changes are not happening, then a re-evaluation will be performed to determine what needs to change in the treatment plan, co-management with other therapies, or referral to another specialist.




Our entire team at SCC is dedicated to helping our patients live healthier lives. This includes more than just keeping you pain free. We recognize that our bodies are complicated, interconnected systems which require many different components to each be working well for the entire system to function efficiently and effectively.

Our “hands on” treatment is primarily directed toward pain relief and prevention of future pain episodes. Additionally, because our treatments are mediated through the nervous system, there are often additional benefits

Additional benefits that occur from chiropractic care include:


  • Re-education of what good should actually feel like. Physical problems often build gradually over extended periods of time before we’re even aware that something might be wrong. Proper correction returns the body to a state where we can now appreciate where we actually want to be.
  • Energy. Painful or dysfunctional conditions are energy drains on us. Pain will limit healthy sleep and overnight energy recovery. Muscles holding onto protective tension do so even as we sleep, so they are still “working” at a time when we really want them to be in rest and recovery mode. Correction which allows muscles to relax from their protective state also allows for sleep to accomplish recovery goals.
  • The nervous system influences every bodily function. We often hear from patients how correction for muscle pain has also helped things like digestion, hearing, balance, breathing, and any number of other functions. We believe that by easing nerve compromise via the spinal adjustments it affects these areas which share the same nerve roots as where the care is directed.

As part of the physical changes which we introduce, we believe that our patients must be educated in ways to enhance these changes. Things like weight loss and dietary advice, postural and ergonomic education in the workplace and at home, proper and effective fitness and exercise routines, stress management strategies, plus referral to experts in these fields is part of our responsibility to those who seek our help.