Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy

At Sherwood Chiropractic Centre, we believe in the power of deep tissue massage to alleviate muscle pain, decrease inflammation, increase blood flow, and promote relaxation and well-being. Our registered massage therapists specialize in this therapeutic technique, providing targeted relief for a variety of musculoskeletal issues.

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Why Choose Deep Tissue Massage Therapy?

Massage has been a practiced art for millennia, evolving various techniques tailored to specific needs. It has stood the test of time as an effective stress-relief method by manually manipulating muscles, ligaments, and tendons using hands and fingers alone. When Registered Massage Therapists (RMTs) and chiropractors collaborate, patients receive optimal care for their well-being.

Deep tissue massage therapy involves applying sustained pressure using slow, deep strokes to target the inner layers of your muscles and connective tissues. You may choose to see a massage therapist for deep tissue massage if you are experiencing:

  • Muscle Pain: Whether from a sports injury, repetitive strain, or tension buildup, deep tissue massage can effectively address muscle pain by releasing tightness and knots.
  • Inflammation: Chronic inflammation can contribute to pain and stiffness. Deep tissue massage helps decrease inflammation by improving circulation and reducing the buildup of inflammatory markers in tissues.
  • Scar Tissue: Scar tissue can form and restrict movement following an injury or surgery. Deep tissue massage helps break up scar tissue, promoting better mobility and preventing adhesions.
  • Muscle Tension: Stress, poor posture, and physical strain can lead to muscle tension. Deep tissue massage targets deep-seated tension, providing relief and promoting relaxation.

Conditions Treated

Deep tissue massage therapy is a versatile therapy that can effectively address musculoskeletal issues and relieve various conditions. Some of the common conditions that can be treated with deep tissue massage include: 


Chronic Pain

Deep tissue massage can alleviate chronic pain conditions such as lower back, neck, and shoulder pain by targeting the underlying muscle tension and reducing pressure on nerves. 


Muscle Tension & Stiffness

Whether due to stress, poor posture, or physical activity, muscle tension and stiffness can be effectively relieved with deep tissue massage by releasing muscle knots and tightness. 


Postural Problems

Poor posture can lead to muscle imbalances and chronic pain. Deep tissue massage can help address postural issues by releasing tight muscles and realigning the body.


Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

ART techniques can be applied to the muscles and soft tissues of the wrist and forearm to relieve compression on the median nerve and alleviate symptoms associated with carpal tunnel syndrome.


Sports Injuries

Athletes often experience muscle strains, sprains, and overuse injuries. Deep tissue massage can aid in rehabilitation by promoting healing, reducing inflammation, and restoring flexibility and range of motion. 


Scar Tissue Formation

Following surgery or injury, scar tissue can form and restrict movement. Deep tissue massage helps break down scar tissue, improving mobility and preventing adhesions.


Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Deep tissue massage can help relieve symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome by reducing pressure on the median nerve and addressing muscle tightness in the wrist and forearm.



Sciatica is pain, numbness, and tingling radiating down the leg. Deep tissue massage can help alleviate sciatic pain by releasing tension in the muscles surrounding the sciatic nerve and reducing pressure on the nerve roots. 


Headaches and Migraines

Tension headaches and migraines are often associated with neck, shoulders, and jaw muscle tension. Deep tissue massage can relieve tension and promote relaxation in these areas.  



Deep tissue massage can help alleviate pain and stiffness associated with arthritis by improving joint mobility, reducing inflammation, and increasing circulation to affected areas.

Benefits of Deep Tissue Massage Therapy

Decreases Inflammation

Deep tissue massage helps reduce inflammation in affected tissues by improving circulation and lymphatic drainage.

Increase Blood Flow

Enhanced blood flow delivers oxygen and nutrients to muscles, aiding recovery and promoting overall health. 

Alleviates Muscle Pain

Deep tissue massage effectively targets areas of chronic muscle pain, providing long-lasting relief. 

Promotes Relaxation & Well-being

Despite its intensity, deep tissue massage promotes relaxation by releasing endorphins and reducing stress hormone levels.

Is Deep Tissue Massage right for you?

Deep tissue massage could be the ideal choice for you at Sherwood Chiropractic Centre if you’re seeking targeted relief from chronic pain, muscle tension, or specific musculoskeletal issues. Our skilled massage therapists specialize in this therapeutic technique, applying sustained pressure and deep strokes to address the root cause of your discomfort. Whether you’re struggling with persistent back pain, recovering from a sports injury, or experiencing tension-related headaches, deep tissue massage can provide effective relief by releasing tight muscles, reducing inflammation, and promoting relaxation. With our personalized approach to care, we tailor each session to your needs, ensuring a comprehensive treatment plan supporting your journey to improved health and well-being. Find out if Deep Tissue Massage will benefit your wellness plan; speak with your Chiropractor today. 

Michelle Goobie - Registered Massage Therapist
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Michelle Goobie - Registered Massage Therapist

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