Keep Reading: What type of pillow/mattress is best for me?

 There is a huge variety of materials, styles, forms, and technologies in both pillows and mattresses to choose among.  Test until you are happy.

Typically you get what you pay for. Better quality, product durability, reliability, and manufacturer support is reflected in the cost. 

Each individual has their own specific needs in sleep products. This can include firmer or softer, foam or traditional, molded or free form, etc. Again, test until you are happy. 

Better mattress stores/manufacturers usually have a return policy allowing home use to fully test whether you have the right product. Watch for those opportunities.

A couple of caveats:

1. If you are having difficulty getting comfortable in bed or waking up sore because you are experiencing nerve, muscle or joint issues, you cannot accurately test sleep products. What feels comfortable when you are having these issues may not feel right when the issues have been resolved. Your Doctor of Chiropractic can inform you of when it is appropriate to test different products. In the meantime, do whatever is necessary to get the best sleep possible.

2. Even the best pillows and mattresses have a shelf life. In my experience mattresses start showing wear effects after 10-12 years by way of structural changes that reduce support and comfort. Pillow shelf lives are less predictable, but you’ll know when it is time to replace. 

3. Your body also changes over time. When you are looking to replace pillows or mattresses be aware that what was appropriate 10 years ago may not be appropriate today.