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Chiropractic treatment regimens are based on a series of treatment sessions to progressively reduce dysfunctional biomechanical movement patterns in the musculoskeletal system and allow the body to return to a functional state and re-learn how to self-regulate proper movement patterns. This requires adaptive changes mediated through the nervous system and the repetition drives that adaption.

The interval between treatment sessions is based on two major factors:

1. Your body needs enough time to adapt to the treatment.

If too much is done too frequently, the body can be overwhelmed by the overload.

2. We want to introduce new healing stimuli once the adaptation from the last treatment has been achieved, but before the body begins to revert to its dysfunction.

Your body’s natural instinct is to preserve and maintain the status quo or what it knows best. If the status quo happens to be dysfunctional or injured, it is unfortunate but that is still the default that your body wants to preserve. Through chiropractic treatment we introduce progressive change that allows you to embrace a new and more functional norm which your body will now work just as hard to preserve and sustain. 

So as your condition improves the body is able to maintain change better and longer and the treatments get spaced further apart.

Many patients will continue treatments on a regular but infrequent basis to reinforce the functional norm. What that treatment schedule looks like is very individual. Depending on a number of factors, some people will be seen once every 3 or 4 weeks, other perhaps 3-4 times per year.