FASTrainer is a revolutionary home gym system designed by Drs. Mcginnis and Fuller to increase your strength and flexibility at the same time.

3D Resistance. FASTrainer’s patented three dimensional resistance band system provides consistent resistance throughout the entire range of your body’s natural motions.

This revolutionary resistance band system enables you to work your body in its natural motions rather than repeating exercises in a fixed position. This enhances your potential by working more muscles and muscle groups while ensuring consistency with each exercise and each repetition. A three dimensional system provides the balance and symmetry needed to really work your body correctly.

With FASTrainer, you can be confident that you are doing the exercises correctly and safely every time. Our color coded multi-point anchors make the system easy and efficient to use. Resistance vectors provide the most appropriate and direct resistance possible and reinforce biomechanically correct postures, positions and movements.

Core Strength. Core strength is all about power, movement, stability and balance and is the integral component to daily activity and functioning.

FASTrainer has been specifically designed to provide an intense yet appropriate core workout every time you use it. Core muscles are critically important in physical activities including posture. That is why the FASTrainer has incorporated the core into every work out and exercise you can perform on the system. With FASTrainer, isolating and really working deep core muscles are efficient and effective.

Core muscles are strong, long and thick, making them ‘calorie burners’ and important in weight loss and overall health and wellness. When deep core muscles are strong and flexible, torso movements and motion feels effortless and look smooth and easy. Each of the muscles in our core requires specific exercises and attention to ensure they are coordinated and healthy ~ and ultimately enhance the harmony of movement and health in the body.

Better than the rest

We’ve challenged experts to put FASTrainer to the test, and the results are loud and clear. FASTrainer is like no other.

As a scientifically based, ergonomically correct and isokinetically focused system, FASTrainer is everything and more that you want in a home gym system. Our patented three dimensional resistance band system guarantees that anyone who uses the system uses it properly and gets maximum benefit out of every exercise and repetition.

In only a few short months, FASTrainer has readily out performed its competitors in versatility, durability and personal fitness results. Why? FASTrainer is based on years of science and hands on clinical experience and has been designed with a patient and user focus.

While FASTrainer enhances your strength and flexibility it is important to know that it is also safe to use no matter what age or skill level, provides you with a full body work out and has been built out of the most durable and light weight material currently available in the world. FASTrainer is about far more than flexing muscles. It is about strength, flexibility, weight loss, endurance and overall quality of life.