COVID-19 Update

May 4, 2020

Some good news!

We have officially been notified by the province and the College of Chiropractors of Alberta that our office can re-open to the delivery of in person care on May 4th.  This week will be used to plan for the re-opening and educating staff in preparation for the best delivery of quality care and the maintenance of public safety standards that we can provide. Beginning Wednesday we are initiating our phased return to treatment plan.

1. There will be modified hours as we phase in. We will be able to receive booking calls direct to the office as of Wednesday, May 6.

2. You will notice some obvious changes in the clinic environment and in some of the procedures within the office. We will be diligent in observing all public safety protocols and maintaining physical separation to limit unsafe distancing. Among the changes you will see:

- We will observe all distancing measures within the office

- Patients will be escorted to AND from treatment rooms

- If the office gets crowded we will ask you to wait in your car. We will come to get you when it is safe.

- We have altered our booking and scheduling routines to maintain safety and distancing standards and ask you to be patient with us and to be on time for your scheduled appointment. We have organized appointment times to maximize safety for all. This depends on both patients and clinicians being punctual.

- On line booking is suspended for the time being.

- This phased ramp up is new to us also and we are prepared to modify our routines as necessary and as we learn more about our efficiencies within the guidelines, and as we prepare to move into phase 2 of provincial re-opening plans

3. All patients will need to be screened to rule out COVID 19 symptoms both at the time of booking and at their presentation in the clinic. We appreciate your understanding and co-operation with this screening requirement.

4. We are obligated to identify symptomatic patients, immediately cease any treatment oriented activities, mask and isolate them from any and all contact within the clinic, and report such cases via the 811 number for isolation and tracing.

5. Drs, therapists, and staff will be masked.

6. There is no requirement for patients to mask, but we encourage the practice if you have mask availability.

7. The current Dr’s schedules are listed at the end of this message.

8. There are a great many of you who are overdue for treatment and we will do our absolute best to accommodate as many of you as we can as soon as we can. We appreciate that you have been so patient and understanding of the limitations we have been forced to work within over the past 5 weeks. It has been a strange and frustrating experience for everyone and our current goal is to make this transition as efficient and effective as we can – for everyone.

9. Hygiene standards require hand sanitizing by everyone before and after treatments. We will have sanitizers available throughout the office. Also, all diagnostic and therapeutic tools need to be sanitized before and after every use, so please refrain from touching tools in the treatment rooms.

10. Massage therapy is not included in the Phase 1 ramp up, so we cannot take massage bookings yet. We will communicate with you when that becomes available as part of Phase 2.

11. Physiotherapy is included in Phase 1 and we will let you know as soon as possible when IMS bookings with Anne Edwards are going to be available.

We are looking forward to seeing you again soon and excited to be returning to somewhat more normal times.

Dr. Sandmaier

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday  8-11 am 2-6 pm

Thursday 8-11:45 am

Saturday  8-11:45 am

Dr. Fuller

Monday 7:30 am - 12:30 pm

Tuesday 1-6 pm

Wednesday 7:30 am  - 12:30 pm

Thursday 1 - 6 pm

Friday 1 - 6 pm

Dr. McGinnis 

Monday 1-6 pm 

Tuesday 7:30 am – 12:30 pm 

Wednesday 1-6 pm 

Thursday 1-6 pm 

Friday 7:30-12:30 pm 

Best regards from all of us at SCC.

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