Roger Murray, BSc, RMT, ART® Provider

Roger finished his B.Sc., Industrial Technology, in 1989 at San Jose State University. It took him 13 years of working and attending school, which shows how dedicated he can be. In 1991, after working in the industry for 11 years, he realized that as an organic lifeform he had no business working with silicon-based life and began looking for something more suited to his nature.

Also in 1991, he met and eventually married an Edmonton woman, moving here in 1992.

After passing the Edmonton Continuing Education Massage Therapy program, Roger became a Licensed Massage Therapist in 1995 and began work in a Clinic in Old Strathcona. (Ask him sometime what it was like being one of two male massage therapists in Edmonton.)

In 2002, he realized that he didn’t have 7 years of experience, he had 1 year of experience 7 times. Doing the same work every day had gotten boring, so he decided to focus on the therapeutic potential of soft tissue work instead of relaxation. His career was transformed when he was introduced to the incredible benefits of Active Release Techniques.

Even though it required additional time and expense, he earned certification as a Full-Body Certified ART® Provider. This requires annual training and recertification to ensure continued and improving proficiency, plus new challenges every day as more and more people come seeking. Roger is one of the few Massage Therapists certified by Active Release Techniques, and one of the few Certified ART® Providers who have passed Level 2 Certification.

Roger’s athletic background includes Track and Cross Country in school (League Champion and three school records), Swimming, Martial Arts, Mountain and Road Biking, and Archery (Canadian Champion twice, second place 3 times).

With a background in Archery and Massage Therapy, he has traveled the world; Italy, South Korea, and Czech Republic with the Canadian National Para-archery Team, England, Mexico, Thailand, Argentina, Brazil, and several times in the USA working as an International Classifier for World Archery. He has worked two Para-Pan American Games, and the Rio Paralympics.

When he’s not working, you’ll find Roger studying lifestyles of the 18th century (especially the Canadian Fur Trade), cooking, learning to fly, learning to work steel as a blacksmith, or in the great outdoors (hunting, fishing, camping, trekking modern and historic, or canoeing).

The things that make him fulfilled are individual empowerment, adventure, and learning.

“I am honoured to facilitate the evolution of those I serve.”

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