We are a team of professionals dedicated to delivering the best possible chiropractic and natural health care. As one of the two original chiropractic clinics in Sherwood Park, Sherwood Chiropractic Centre has had the pleasure of providing chiropractic care to our community for the past 50 years.

Dr. Cameron McGinnis inherited the practice in 1984 after having benefited from the mentorship of the clinic founder, Dr. Rick Elder. Since then the practice has grown to include four Drs. of Chiropractic, a physiotherapist, an ART specialist, and two registered massage therapists . All front end and office management needs are expertly managed by a team of efficient and caring staff members. 

As a group we are dedicated to providing the best chiropractic care that we can and every function within the clinic has been tailored toward achieving that goal.


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We practice a natural form of health care where we rely on the body’s natural ability to heal itself. When your body encounters a negative stimulus, such as exposure to germs or a physical trauma, it will react to preserve and protect itself. For example, your body will naturally develop defenses to fight off germs and create its own immunity through the protective mechanisms of fever, cough, and sniffles.  In the case of too much physical stimulus  your body kicks into defense mode with protective muscle spasm and perhaps inflammation. Both of these mechanisms are natural protections, which create painful symptoms. Our treatment reduces the physical and mechanical stresses so that the need for the painful defense mechanisms is no longer necessary and the pain goes away. 

In addition to the physical hands on treatment, we are also diligent in the process of patient education. While chiropractic is best known for quick, safe, and effective pain relief, we believe that a big part of our role includes patient education. We will be most effective for you when we can teach you:

  • how to prevent further problems, 
  • how to self - manage during and after treatments, 
  • the difference between corrective and preventive exercises, 
  • nutritional supports, 
  • lifestyle modifications.